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July 2021

Last summer I was able to have a very successful engagement session. They were vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to celebrate their engagement. They had great chemistry together and were super photogenic which made my job a lot easier! Our location was Myrtle Beach State Park which is a location I have shot at many times. It's a favored location for either couples, families, and even weddings. Last year I also shot a wedding at this spot. Please enjoy just a sliver of the full gallery! There were simply too many pictures to fit everything in this blog. 



Got to keep it a secret!


Oops, did I forget to mention they were pregnant too?! ;)


I had always wanted to take this photo and they were the ones who brough up the idea.


Must kiss the baby bump!


Pretty golden hour.


Sweet moments...



Thank you for browsing a part of this sweet couples gallery! If you would like to see more special moments and sessions I've completed, feel free to stop back by on my blog page. I try to post a blog once a week unless it's summer time. (I have no time to breathe in the summer with how many photo sessions I get.) Again, this location was Myrtle Beach State Park. In the future, I will be posting more locations like Charleston, Georgetown, and Pawleys Island. Check out my contact page if you yourself are interested in a couples/engagement session!


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Lake City, SC Guitarist Portrait Session Musical Portrait Session

        In February of 2020 I was able to have a musical portrait session with an awesome guitarist. He brought two different guitars to the session and an amp to plug into. It was so easy to work with him and share different ideas together. I brag on him more so than other photo sessions because he is my brother. We were able to find different unique spots in Lake City, SC that fit what he was looking for. He wanted a rustic looking photo shoot for his guitar business and I think we did a great job at meeting his expectations. I greatly enjoy the pictures on the railroad tracks and the pictures by the brick wall. Thankfully the weather was kind for us that day and we enjoyed cool temperatures and a sunny atmosphere.

        I used a Canon 5D with a 50mm lens. I thought the 50mm lens was perfect because I had enough room to move in and out for the perfect shot. I hope you all love the photos as much as I do! 


Check out my brother on Instagram: @joeyanthonyguitar





I think he got bored and started acting all silly :D


Too cool for school.


So dramatic, isn't he?


Inspiration for this photo came from a John Mayer photo shoot. I think we pulled it off pretty well!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

Check out my brother on Instagram: @joeyanthonyguitar



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Cedarock Park, Elon North Carolina Recently I had the pleasure to travel to Elon, North Carolina with some friends. We ended up visiting Cedarock Park which was absolutely gorgeous! It was chilly, but refreshing to be out in the winter air. I love taking nature walks and discovering new places to take pictures of. Here are a few photos from the park that I adore:


This waterfall was so beautiful, but it was a bit of a hike to get up there to see it. 




There were rocks everywhere and I'm not crazy about heights, but I braved it to capture the shots I really wanted. IMG_5187IMG_5187



This little leaf was just hanging out on his own so I wanted him to feel special. He appreciated the attention :)



I caught this couple at the park who were cuddling on the rocks and taking selfies. They looked really happy together!
IMG_5201IMG_5201 IMG_5202IMG_5202


This reflection photo happened by accident, but I was super happy with the picture I captured. IMG_5203IMG_5203 IMG_5206IMG_5206 IMG_5217IMG_5217


Hi to the people down below! (Waves)
IMG_5212IMG_5212 IMG_5215IMG_5215 IMG_5216IMG_5216 IMG_5189IMG_5189


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